Program Overview

TLE’s Beauty Business Exploration Program (BEP) is a 12-week entrepreneurial program for individuals ages 18-27 who have been previously court involved or incarcerated; have recent work experience; and are interested in learning more about entrepreneurship and starting a beauty or personal care services business.

How Our Program Works

The program consists of 2 key modules that includes an introduction to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial thought and action, and business planning. Participants also engage in internships with businesses to determine whether entrepreneurship is right for them and continue with next steps for developing a business. Those who opt not to pursue entrepreneurship over the course of the program receive career counseling services to ensure no participant is left behind. Those who complete both modules will have the option to launch their business under our Pre-Accelerator program.


The Primary Objectives of the TLE’s Beauty Business Exploration Program are to: 

  • Provide participants with an understanding of what it takes to start a beauty or personal care services business
  • Help participants determine whether or not they have what it takes to be successful entrepreneurs
  • Provide an environment for them to safely experiment with their business ideas 
  • Launch their businesses and receive ongoing assistance post launch to sustain their ventures if they determine entrepreneurship is right for them.

What To Expect

The program calls for an average time commitment of 5-7 hours each week. This will include field work on other days outside of the regular program sessions. The program fee is $500.00 for all non-Bizgrow members. Scholarships on a Bizgrow membership are available based on need and for this program only.

Program Dates and Times:

There is a rolling admission process in place for this program. For our Spring 2022 offering, participants will be enrolled over the period January 10, 2022 through to April 11, 2022. Applicants can begin to apply as early as Dec 1, 2021.

Eligibility Requirements:

The eligibility requirements for our Beauty Business Exploration Program are as follows:

  1. Applicants must be between the ages of 18-27, previously incarcerated or court-involved, and have had post incarceration work experience.
  2. Applicants must have a demonstrated interest in learning about entrepreneurship and a potential beauty or personal care services business concept they want to explore over the course of the program. 
  3. Applicants must have the desire to seek support, services, and coaching and mentoring from our business incubator community (staff and partners) to explore entrepreneurship.
  4. Applicants must be able to attend all program sessions; have a willingness to be held accountable to weekly/monthly program goals; and must be open to receiving and accepting feedback.
  5. Applicants must demonstrate an overall readiness to fully implement their launch plans once completed.

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