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Michael Aparicio is the founder of Revby LLC, a consulting and coaching service created with the vision to cultivate confidence and sustainable success among community-based business owners. Revby recognizes that community-based entrepreneurship is a powerful force to counter issues like income inequality. Michael is driven by every personal story and outcome by entrepreneurs and business owners who deliver value to their local communities, particularly those with historically inequitable access to opportunity including minority, immigrant, and the LGBT communities. He holds a Master of Science degree in Leadership and Administration, specializing in Executive Leadership & Organizational Development from Boston College and an undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley. Michael served as co-head of programming for IntEnt, Boston College's Graduate Entrepreneurship Club. Prior to Revby, Michael worked as a global sales director for a digital media and research publisher and as a marketing & new business development director for a consulting firm. His career began as an early employee at dot-com startup, Ask Jeeves.

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