Program Overview

TLE’s Beauty’s Make It Official Program is an online self-paced program for beauty and personal care services practitioners operating a business informally and needing assistance with legitimizing their beauty business. The program is structured to provide all program participants with business confidence training in the areas of legal, financial, and operations management; and upon completion of the program access to grants where eligible; and one on one technical assistance to register their business, organize their business financials and taxes; obtain business insurance, and implement those key digital tools needed to effectively promote and manage their business performance.

The Primary Objectives of TLE Beauty’s Make it Official Program are to ensure participants are able to:

  • Register their business and have a certificate of good standing for their business on demand
  • Have a business banking account for their business and a banking relationship with a banking institution.
  • Produce accurately filed tax returns for their business.
  • Obtain business insurance.
  • Implement those key digital tools needs to effectively promote their offerings and manage business performance.
  • Secure future funding where necessary from grant programs, lenders & investors where applicable.

Target Entrepreneur Profile:

Beauty and personal care services licensed professionals providing their services in urban areas and either out of their home; renting chair space; or having a storefront; and specializing either in hairstyling, barbering, massage therapy, nail care, skin care, makeup artistry, eyebrow and lash therapy, tanning, hair removal, and spa therapy. These individuals are also currently offering their services as an unregistered business and/or without the business’s financials in order but wanting to set up a formal business for the services they provide and better position their businesses for growth and stabilization.

How Our Program Works:

The program consists of four modules with a mixed variety of learning sessions and corresponding coursework to be completed module by module and on the following topics:


Module 1:
Legal- Legal Considerations for Beauty Business Owners
In this module, participants will learn about the process for registering a business as well as the various types of entities for business formation and the corresponding process for setting up a business entity.


Module 2:
Financial Management 101
In this module, participants will learn about the importance of separating their personal finances from their business; credit building; as well as best practices for organizing their financials and tax filing for their business and the process for getting their business financials and all business tax returns in order.


Module 3:
Business Insurance 101
In this module, participants will learn about the various types of business insurance available for beauty business owners and what they cover to help business owners mitigate risk.


Module 4:
In this module, participants will learn about the key digital systems needed to streamline their operations and produce reports to manage performance and determine the fiscal health of the business ( i.e. bookkeeping, salon management system, payroll, etc.) Upon completion of all four  modules, participants are assigned to working with specialists to help them with the clean up work from their checklist that is devised over the course of the program.


Once all work is completed, participants receive a certificate of completion as confirmation that they have been retooled as a legitimate business.