This article looks at an episode of the podcast Bizgrow with Tricia D. Young, where she interviews dietician Jenna Koroly. The two discuss strategies to and reasons why you should have a healthy diet as a small business owner or entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur trying to grow your own business, taking the time to eat healthy is not often on the top of the to-do list. Healthy eating can seem like a daunting task and one that can be pushed aside in order to make more time for work. However, while keeping a healthy diet is important to ensure mental and physical health, it is also extremely beneficial when it comes to improving energy levels and increasing productivity. In a recent episode of TLE’s Bizgrow community podcast, host Tricia D. Young had the opportunity to speak with Jenna Koroly, a licensed dietitian at Massachusetts Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Throughout their conversation, Jenna was able to give some helpful tips for entrepreneurs who feel as though the task of eating healthy is a bit too daunting to add into their already packed schedule. Jenna emphasized sticking to whole foods (unprocessed) and the “plate method”, which is a good rule of thumb to go by when one does have a bit more time to create a meal or meal prep. The plate method calls for half a plate of vegetables (1-2 cups), a quarter of a plate protein (4-5 ounces), and a quarter of a plate carbohydrate (½-1 cup). On top of that, mixing in a bit of a healthy fat such as olive oil or avocado can help to create the perfect balanced meal. While this plate method is the ideal for a meal, Jenna acknowledged that most people do not have time to eat like this three times a day. She claimed that by using the plate method for dinner, and then having healthy snacks for breakfast, lunch, and in between would allow one to eat healthy, even if they do not have the time to have a balanced meal for all three meals of the day. In terms of snacks, she recommended keeping foods with a good source of fiber and protein such as greek yogurt, apples and peanut butter, and hummus with veggies, on hand. By keeping these snacks nearby and readily available this will allow even busy entrepreneurs to stay on top of their hunger. By consuming a healthy snack such as these around every four hours, then ending the day with a balanced meal energy levels and productivity can increase greatly and lead to a more successful work day. While the concept of eating healthy may sound simple, it could be very difficult to implement into an already packed schedule. Jenna emphasized that consistency is key when it comes to forming a new routine. It can take at least three weeks, if not much longer to form a habit. However, just doing one’s best to stay on track, even if a few missteps are made along the way can really help lead to ultimate success. If you would like to hear more details about healthy eating for busy entrepreneurs, you can listen to the entire podcast on Spotify under Bizgrow with Tricia D. Young. Additionally, if you are interested in a consultation with Jenna’s program you can call 617-525-3597. Anyone that calls and sets up an appointment will be scheduled with Jenna for nutrition counseling and additionally with a doctor that specializes in weight management.

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