My name is Farah Eid; originally Egyptian, but grew up in Dubai. I moved to Boston 2 years ago to do my Masters at Boston University and now I hold a Master of Science Degree in Applied Business Analytics. I also hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering, giving me both the business acumen and technical know-how to hopefully be an added value to TLE’s team! I have always had a passion to be part of a consulting business environment, more involved towards creating strategies and implementation solutions that tackle business needs. A little background about my previous professional experience; I was fortunate enough to be part of transforming our family business model to make it profitable again amidst the pandemic. I assisted in transforming our previous b2b bakery to a hybrid; b2b and b2c business model. I was an acting consultant and an executor where I helped launch the brand and streamline the kitchen operations to support the already existing b2b business model in order to increase sales. I hope to draw upon this experience and help other small businesses affected by the pandemic. In terms of working style, I am a proactive employee and acquired the skill to efficiently and effectively manage projects and deliver value-added and timely results. As for personal attributes, I am an enthusiastic individual driven by achieving results. I greatly enjoy data analytics and number crunching. I also greatly enjoy interacting with clients, researching and managing projects.

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