About Bizgrow

Welcome to TLE Beauty!

TLE Beauty was designed by Tricia D. Young of TLE (TLE Consulting Group and TLE Center for Urban Entrepreneurship) for beauty professionals operating a business solo or with a few employees, all needing support resources to grow their business.

TLE Beauty allows beauty business owners to get access to a range of critical resources to grow their business. Members of our online community get access to our educational library consisting of workshops, articles, videos, and audio files, and our signature Project Salon Makeover service, all tailored to help business owners gain the  business confidence to grow their business. You can also get access to a diverse group of business consultants that can help you with a business planning project to help you reach your goals. Community members can also host their own events to help market their products and services and build their customer base!

To learn more TLE and its work to improve the micro and small business community, visit:

TLE Center for Urban Entrepreneurship – www.tlecfue.org

TLE Consulting Group – www.tleconsultinggroup.com